I just really wanted this bigger on my dash++


their football kits have their initials on them


and niall is wearing zayn’s (๑✧◡✧๑)





@niallhoran: an Australian dude , guy with a hat and toothpick (x)

this picture is life



Barcelona, 8/7


Barcelona - 8/07



Glasgow (27/02/13)


 niall's defense squad are recruiting, want in? 
the rules:
  • mbf: kathya and sam
  • reblogs only, no likes (only for bookmarking)
  • 1D/multifandom blogs only
  • must reach at least 30 notes
  • be active cause will only add active peeps only?
  • 15-25 blogs will be picked (maybe more, depends on the amount of notes)
perks of being in:
  • new friends
  • peeps to reblog your selfies
  • advice on html, life, blog etc.
  • tinychats, kik, instagram, twitter etc.
  • peeps to talk to about niall (◡‿◡✿)
  • followers when we do promos and rates.
  • people that will defend niall at all costs (◕‿◕✿)
increase your chances:
  • talk to us we don’t bite.
  • reblog the post as much as you can. (it’ll make us notice you)
  • tag a post with #niall’s defense squad telling us why we should pick you.
  • Reblogging will end when this post get’s a good amount of notes.
  • make sure to tag #niall’s defense squad so you can see if you’re one of the members added
  • when you’re picked one of us will message you and add you to the network page

August 29th, 2013